We are delighted that you are considering London East Academy for your son.

London East Academy is an independent Secondary Islamic School that will provide your son with access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources and are continually successful at producing high-level public examination results.

At London East Academy we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes the memorisation of the Quran, Islamic studies, Art, Drama and more. We have a particular focus on character development where a child will acquire knowledge, life skills and uphold core Islamic values such as courage, respect, integrity, responsibility and service to others. This allows us to have a unique approach to preparing students for adult life where they will become outstanding British Muslims and contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country.

Our beliefs, morals and values are central to all we do At London East Academy. The environment, displays of students’ work, manners of staff and students, teaching methods, and all of its activities reflect the teachings of Islam. Our staff and the governing body continually strive to maintain professionalism in their work.
Why not come and see us at our open days, which takes place every Fridays between 10 am to 12 pm or make an appointment to visit the school? We look forward to meeting you.

Our Core Values

Qualities, characteristics, or ideas about which we feel strongly. Our values affect our decisions, goals and behaviour.


  • A commitment to acquiring knowledge and life skills with high aspirations


  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect, think, critique, debate and lead with confidence


  • A demonstration of independence in ensuring personal hygiene


  • Become outstanding British Muslims and contribute to the prosperity of our country.


  • Live by the teachings of the Quran and messenger’s sayings and actions and develop God consciousness.


  • To demonstrate honesty and truthfulness at all times instil strong morals and principles based on the values of Islam


  • To demonstrate honesty and truthfulness at all times instil strong morals and principles based on the values of Islam


  • A sense of responsibility and accountability to the school, the community and the wider society.


British Values Statement

“Our aim is to ensure that young people leave school with the knowledge, skills and ambition to succeed in modern Britain and to compete in the global labour market.”

Contact Us

Address:46 Whitechapel Road,
London E1 1JX,
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7650 3070
Email: admin@eastlondonmosqueschools.co.uk

Monday to Friday Term times: 8.00am to 4.30pmOff term times: 11.00am to 3.00pm