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“Our vision is to see a society of God consciousness, respect, dignity and justice.”

Statement of Intent

“To educate, inspire and empower our nation’s young people into future Scholars and Orators of the Islamic faith who also equally contribute towards the local and wider community as leaders and professionals in their respective fields”

Academic Achievement

Memorise Qur’an

Foundation of Islamic Knowledge

Character Development

How would Al Mizan School fulfil this vision?

values shared by all – gives us a common goal

Our Values Explained


  • A commitment to acquiring knowledge and life skills with high aspirations
  • Belief in the ability to succeed


  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect, think, critique, debate and lead with confidence
  • Demonstrate the key values of exercising patience and forgiveness


  • A sense of care and responsibility towards the environment
  • Work as a team and contribute towards student leadership


  • Spreading goodness and peace
  • A commitment to charitable endeavours and making a difference
  • Become outstanding British Muslims and contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our country.


  • Live by the teachings of the Quran and messenger’s sayings and actions and develop god consciousness.
  • Strive to establish the prayer


  • A commitment to demonstrate honesty and truthfulness at all times
  • Instil strong morals and principles based on the values of Islam


  • A strong core of self-respect, respecting others in the school community, the wider community and those of different faiths and cultures
  • Develop the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness with humility


  • A sense of personal responsibility and accountability to the school, the community and the wider society.
  • Aspire to have high morals and ethics in accordance to the teachings of Islam